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Full Screen Home Page Slider (with zoom effect) Theme Admin Options Page templates for Portfolio, Blog, Homepage and Contact Page Responsive – Fit to work on Mobile devices Built-in Drop Down Menus Integrated Lightbox effect for Images and Gallery Optimized code for SEO Automatic Image resizing – Uses the Featured Image option of WordPress

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Static Site

Building A Static Site With WordPress



In my “Six Things You Need To Know If You’re Starting A WordPress Blog” post from a couple of months ago, one of the non-essential but beneficial improvements I suggested was to install a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache. Caching helps make a WordPress site faster, but there’s a way to make it eve

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CodeLobster PHP Edition – Free PHP IDE | Coding Defined



In this post we will be discussing about CodeLobster PHP Edition. Now a days IDE plays a vital role in deciding the productivity of most web developers and one such market leaders in this segment is CodeLobster.

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Basic PHP Design Patterns For WordPress



Make your life as a developer simpler with these basic PHP Design Patterns. Stop repeating your motions and practice the singleton.

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5 tips for using AJAX in WordPress – Solis Lab Solution



AJAX is used in many WordPress themes and plugins. However, not all of those themes and plugins implement AJAX properly. This article reveals 5 best practices in developing AJAX for WordPress.W…

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Use AngularJS as WordPress frontend – CODETutorial.IO



WordPress is one of the best CMS available for free today. It come with a huge community that provide lot of themes and plugin for almost every purpose. This great flexibility have a downside, its heavy to lo ad and view.

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Architect Jobs

Kurtosys – WordPress Architect



Introduction We are looking for an experienced WordPress Engineer to lead the architecture of our hosting platform, design, and development of WordPress solutions that we build for our clients. The WordPress Architect will be responsible for the design of our secure, scalable multi tenant hosting architecture, as well as the back-end automation process for platform updates. They will also be interacting with …


A quest for True WordPress Multitenancy (Architecture)



Unlike WordPress Multisite which combines all site resources (themes, plugins, etc) together under a single WordPress install (code and database), whereas Multitenancy allows for completely individual WordPress sites (own resources and database) sharing a single WordPress codebase.

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Architecture / Framework / Opensource

PoP — “Platform of Platforms”



PoP — “#Platform of Platforms”

Framework for building Single-Page Application #WordPress websites, #decentralized crowd-sourced platforms, and social networks:

– All PoP websites can communicate among themselves
– Fetch/process data in real time

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